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What Is The Correct Approach To Search For The Indian Trade Data Online? 

Finding Indian trade data online is not as complicated as many of you might consider, it is just that you have to carry out the search in a simple way. Whether you want to get your hands over detailed databases or graphics or statistics, ensure that not too many parameters are fed in while making the search as this is going to take too much time. 

Begin your search by adding in 2 to 3 required parameters and look for short term data such as 12 months. In case, you are looking for data that is too old, chances are high that you will need to make it a personalized request as not many sites have older data, the reason being that the information present here goes for updates regularly.

Another important and simple cheat code to keep in mind while looking forward to access the Indian trade data online is that you have to use the filters carefully as then only correct information can be fetched. It is to be known that most of the sites out there have both simple and advanced filter options and you are the one who has to use this to get to the trade data required. For instance, you are looking for trade volumes or export statistics for copper, make sure that you go under metals and then enter in copper.

You can also search for products by entering in their HS code, but yes for this you have to be sure that the code is correct. In case, you are not sure of the code, enter in the product description and use advanced search as this is yet another safe approach to follow when finding Indian trade data online.