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Importance of Import data in US in trading across the international borders and to defeat the competitors 

It is necessary to have an updated version of import data of United States when trading across the international borders and to defeat the competitors in the same trade business. Import data in US is most important for the person who wants to expand their import business in United States of America as it contains the relevant tool for marketing purposes.

Here is the list of top fastest growing US imports 2016

 •Vegetables products ($129.2 million)

 •Fruits & nuts- $16.9 billion

 •Lead- $1.1 billion•Wood- $19.7 billion

 •Pharmaceuticals- $93.6 billion

 •Meat- $8.9 billion

 •Furniture, lighting and signs- $63.2 billion

 •Stone, cement and plaster- $7.9 billion

 •Textile floor coverings- $2.6 billion

 •Vegetables- $10.5 billion

 •Live trees and plants- $85.6 billion

 •Perfumes & cosmetics- $12.6 billion

 •Other manufactured items- $6.9 billion

 •Milk preparations & Cereal- $6.9 billion

 •Space craft and Air craft- $31 billion

 •Antiques, Art and collector items- $9.6 billion

 •Watches & Clocks- $5.4 billion

 •Glasses- $7.6 billion•Fish- $16.3 billion

 •Tobacco- $2.6 billion

 •Products of milling- $1.6 billion

 •Other chemical products- $13.5 billion

 •Pyrotechnics & explosives- $840 million

 •Cordage, twine, yarn and Felt- $2.5 billion

 •Other base metal products- $12.2 billion 

This data explains the basic details of imported or exported products such as Name, importer’s name & address, exporter name & address, price, type, quantities and many more. In today’s world, internet has become the most reliable source for all the active traders to fetch and collect the Import Data in US when required. It is considered the major source of revenue of almost every country involved in the business of import and export at the international level.