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Get annual trade statistics of top two trading countries in the world with importer exporter database 

There are total 195 countries in the world and almost every country is involved in trade business to improve their economic condition. Every year millions of products are being imported and exported from one part of the globe to another. As per importer exporter database of 2016, Crude petroleum is the most traded item in the world, followed by motor cars, jewelry, packaged medicaments, electronic items etc. 

Annual trade statistics of top two trading countries in the world

China annual trade

 The world’s most populated nation in the world; China, is holding the first position in the race of top importing countries in the world. As per the continental prospective, 57.2% of Chinese imports are originated from other Asian countries, 18.1% are brought from European countries, and 10.3% are imported from North America. The top imports of China are electronic equipment, mineral fuels, vehicle, plastics, copper etc. On the other side, China is also one of the largest exporters of the world. The Largest export trade of China worth of US $2.06 Trillion Dollars made China the second largest exporter in the world.

United States annual trade 

The largest exporter of the world; United States is located in North America. As per the recent importer exporter database, United States imported $2.16 Trillion Dollars’ worth of products and sold $1.42 Trillion dollars of commodities. Traders of the United States majorly import crude oil, packaged medicines, petroleum gas, jewelry and motor cars. Refined petroleum is the largest export of the US which is amounted to US 468.1 Billion Dollars or 4.9% of the total US exports. The second largest export of the USA are planes, space craft & helicopters, followed by Cars, gas turbines, vehicle parts and packaged medicaments etc.