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Find the list of buyers in USA to know which products is in very high demand among people of U.S 

In the last 5 years, a major hike has been seen in the growth rate of US importation business. US imports of gems & valued metals delivered the third-fastest gain at 80.9% led by diamonds, gold, jewelry & silver. United States majorly imports vegetable products, fruits, nuts, lead, wood, pharmaceuticals, meat, furniture, lighting, stone, plaster, cement, textile floor coverings, vegetables, perfume, cosmetics, glass, fish and many more. 

There are lots of countries across the globe which helps in improving US import business such as China (21.4 %), Mexico (13.2 %), Canada (12.6 %), Japan (6 %), Germany (5.2 %), South Korea (3.2 %), United Kingdom (2.5 %), France (2.1 %), India & Italy (2.1 % each) and Ireland (2 %).

List of buyers in USA helps to know about competitors in the same business. In order to succeed and shine among competitors it is important to know how many other importers are involved in trade business. It is a very important source of information for every active trader as it provides them some unique information which was not known to them before gaining access to the data. It gives the detailed information about the suppliers and the quality of products. It helps to know the demand of market and gaining more and more consumer.

According to a recent list of buyers in USA, China is one of the main sources of United States apparel imports. It imports around 36.49% of clothing shipped to the US. The other sources are Indonesia (7.2%), Vietnam (9.4%), and Bangladesh. China also imports 84.95% of footwear to the United States. Around 31% of cars imported to the US from Canada, followed by Japan (24%), Germany (16%), and Mexico with 12%.